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Monday, 1 April 2013

Simple difference between String and StringBuilder

Simple difference between String and StringBuilder

Simple difference between String and StringBuilder

The main difference beween string and stringbuilder is that when we are copying two string in the case of string concatination is done means that one string is attached to another string and attaced string is deleted, and one new memory allocation is takes lot of time and this is time taking process.

but in case of stringbuilder copying two stings means string1 is appended to string2 or vice memory allocation and deletion of string.So it is very efficient process and it takes less time.

Difference Between String and String

1.Its a class used to handle strings.
2.Here concatenation is used to combine two strings.
3.String object is used to concatenate two strings.
4.The first string is combined to the other string by creating a new copy in the memory as a string object, and then the old
string is deleted
5.That is why  "Strings are immutable".
6. Slower

String Builder
1.This is also the class used to handle strings.
2.Here Append method is used.
3.Here, Stringbuilder object is used.
4.Insertion is done on the existing string.
5.Usage of StringBuilder is more efficient in case large amounts of string manipulations have to be performed.
6. Faster

Program{static void Main(string[] args){
//for example:

string str = "hello"; //Creates a new object when we concatenate any other words along with str variable it does not actually modify the str variable, instead it creates a whole new string.
str = str + " to all";Console.WriteLine(str);StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder("Hi");s.Append(" To All");Console.WriteLine(s);Console.Read();}

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