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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Assembly in

asp dot net interview questions and answers for experienced
Assembly :- Assemblies are the building blocks of .NET Framework applications; they form the fundamental unit of deployment, version control, reuse, activation scoping, and security permissions Assembly is unit of deployment like EXE or a DLL.


An assembly consists of one or more files (dlls, exe's, html files etc.), and represents a group of resources, type definitions, and implementations of those types. An assembly may also contain references to other assemblies. These resources, types and references are described in a block of data called a manifest. The manifest is part of the assembly, thus making the assembly self-describing.

An assembly is completely self-describing.An assembly contains metadata information, which is used by the CLR for everything from type checking and security to actually invoking the components methods. As all information is in the assembly itself, it is independent of registry. This is the basic advantage as compared to COM where the version was stored in registry.

There are two types of assembly

 Private and Public assembly. Private assemble :- A private assembly used in single application and is stored in the application's directory, or a sub-directory beneath.  The dll or exe which is sole property of one application only. It is generally stored in application root folder    

 Public assembly/Shared assembly : - A shared assembly is normally stored in the global assembly cache, which is a repository of assemblies maintained by the .NET runtime.
It is a dll which can be used by multiple applications at a time. A shared assembly is stored in GAC

Sunday, 9 March 2014

What is cts?

What is cts? in

CTC -: Cts is the component of clr through which net framework provides support for multiple languge because it contains a type system that is comman acroos all languge . two cts compliant languges do not requier type conversion when calling the code written in one languge from with in code written in anthore languge CTS provides a ease set of data type for all the languge supported by NET. frame work this means that the size of integer and long varibles is the same across all NET.compliant programng languges however each languge uses alliases for the base data type provide by CTS.for example , CTS uses the data type system .int32 to represent a 4 byte integer value; however visul basic uses the alias integer for the same whereasC# uses the alias int. this is done for the sake of clarity and simplicity.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Role of CLR in Dotnet Framework

Role of CLR in Dotnet Framework Interview Question

1 ) CLR Provides an environment to execute .Net Applications on target machines.

2) CLR is also a common runtime environment  for all .NET code irrespective  of their programming language, because the compilers of .NET framework convert every source code into a common language known a MSIL
3) CLR also provide various services to execute processes, such as memory management service and security services, CLR performs various tasks to manage the execution process of .NET application.

The list of CLR as shown below.....

Automatics memory management  -> CLR invokes various built-in-functions of .NET framework to allocate and de- allocate the memory of .NRT object.

Garbage Collection -> Garbage Collection is the major role of CLR, which prevents memory leaks during execution of program. The Garbage collector of CLR automatically determines the best time to free the memory, which is reserved by an object for execution .

Code Access Security  -> Code Access Security(CAS) model is used in .NET framework to impose restrictions and security during execution of programs.

Code Verification -> CLR enforces type safety and prevents a source code from performing illegal operations, such as accessing invalid memory location.

JIT compilation of .NET code -> CLR uses the services of the just-in-time(JIT) compiler to load MSIL code on traget machine for execution.

Monday, 21 October 2013

What are the core components of .NET framework

What are the core components of .NET framework

Categories :- Benefits of net frameworkHR interview question and answer , interview question and answer , Interview questions and answers for 2 years , C# interview Question And Answer

 The Two Components of .NET Framework are
 1) Common Language Run time [CLR]
2)  .Net Framework class Library

 Other key components of .NET Framework:

NET Framework Class Library

  3)   Dynamic Language Runtimes (DLR)
   4 ) Application Domains
   5)  Runtime Host
   6)  Common Type System
   7)  Metadata and Self-Describing Components
    8) Cross-Language Interoperability
    9) NET Framework Security
    10) Profiling
    Side-by-Side Execution

Briefly describe MSIL

.Net Framework is shipped with compilers of all programming languages to develop programs. There are separate compilers for the visual basic,C#, and visual c++ programming languages in .Net Framework.Each .Net compiler produces code after compiling the source code. The intermediate code is common for all languages and is understandable only to .NET environment. This intermediate is know as MSIL.

MSIL file is executable file that can transferred various machines. Therefore, it is said that MSIL file are portable to nay machine.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Latest interview questions and answers for experienced

Latest interview questions and answers for experienced
Introduction : -

I  have Collection new interview question and answer for experience and fresher .This is very important interview question with answer.
Every interviewer firstly ask 

1 . Tell me about Your Self ?

Ans  Good morning sir/madam.This is Chitranjan Singh Rathore My educational qualification are: I have completed my 10th standard in 2002 from  Little flower school and also 12th standard in 2004. I have completed my graduation in 2007 from Holkar science college. I have completed my post graduation in 2010 from Medicaps Colloege indore .
For More Click Here

2 . What is ?

Ans  Dot Net is a Framework technology, that means which is integrated with multiple technologies like windows, web, web services, etc.It is Use to develop web based, windows based application.
For More Click Here

3. Difference Between Form authentication and windows authentication ?

For Get the answer- Form authentication and windows authentication

4 . What is authentication and authorization in ?

Answer . This is very important question .every technical interview round ask this question
               authentication and authorization in

5.  What is web form ,windows form and client server architecture ?

Ans  - This is very important and interesting question.Now we will talk about(web form and windows form)

Web from :-

1 ) As we know web from use browser presentation( form has no exception )
2 ) ASP.NET Form inherits Page class (contained in System.Web.UI namespace).
3 ) Web Forms to create Web-based applications that display in a Web browser.
 4 ) Webapplications run on webservers (usually IIS)

Windows From : -

1 ) Window form has own presentation .
2 ) A Form of Windows Forms inherits Form class (contained in System.Windows.Forms namespace).
3 ) Windows Forms to create rich applications that install and run locally on a machine.
4 ) Windows forms are used in desktop based applications which heavily rely on the GDI.



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