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Sunday, 9 March 2014

What is cts?

What is cts? in

CTC -: Cts is the component of clr through which net framework provides support for multiple languge because it contains a type system that is comman acroos all languge . two cts compliant languges do not requier type conversion when calling the code written in one languge from with in code written in anthore languge CTS provides a ease set of data type for all the languge supported by NET. frame work this means that the size of integer and long varibles is the same across all NET.compliant programng languges however each languge uses alliases for the base data type provide by CTS.for example , CTS uses the data type system .int32 to represent a 4 byte integer value; however visul basic uses the alias integer for the same whereasC# uses the alias int. this is done for the sake of clarity and simplicity.

What is cls?
Ans -:common languge specifiction (CLS) ia a set of basic rules, which enable interoperabillity between two.NET-compliant languages supported by CLS can use each other's class libaries similar to their own. application programming interfaces which are designed by following the rules defined in CLS

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