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Monday, 14 October 2013

What are the benefits of net framework

What are the benefits of net framework
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.Net framework offers many benefits to application developers.some of this benefits are as follow :

 1) Consistent programming model :- 
 Dot net framework provide consistent object oriented  programming model across various language.You can use the model  to create a program s for performing different task, such as connecting to and retrieving data from database and reading from and writing to files.

2) Language interoperability :- 
 Language interoperability is a feature that enables a piece of code written in one language to be used in another  language.This facilities the reuse of code and therefore improves the efficiency of the development process.

3) Automatic management of resources :-
 While developing .NET application. You may use various resources, such as files, memory, and database connections. with .NET Framework, you do not need to manually free these resources when they are no longer required

4) Easy of deployment :- 
 .NET Framework makes the deployment of application easier. To install an application that is not based on .NET Framework, you need to copy it and its components on target computers. However, with .NET Framework, you can quickly install or deploy the application such that installation of new application or components does not affect the existing  application.

5) HTML code and source code is separate so modification is essay .

6) Framework is language independent.



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